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Tsuruko Misaki Maid RPG by Zorceus
Tsuruko Misaki Maid RPG
Was playing Maid the RPG game with friends and made a character who, is a cool loli, had pink, ringlet hair, tan uniform, metallic eyes, albino, a ghost, and had a star on her chest. Drew ger because i couldn't help myself
Brave Frontier Art Contest 2 by Zorceus
Brave Frontier Art Contest 2
Brave Frontier: Rue

Artist name: Zorceus
Character name: Shadowless Raven Rue
Element: dark
Rarity: 6* to 7*

Leader skill: Tempting Songbird
100% boost in Attack and Critical hit damage, 80% boost to BB attack and spark damage

Extra Skill: Mourning Night
Fills BB gauge hugely to all allies after activating BB

Brave Burst: Black Calamity
45 combo massive dark attacks on all enemies, massive BB gauge fill for 3 turns

Super Brave Burst: Raven Awakening
50 combo massive dark attacks, ignores enemy defense, massive BB gauge fill for all allies for 3 turns, chance of inflicting status aliments, and fills own BB gauge to max. 

Ultimate Brave Burst: Strike of Midnight
Boosts BB and HP crystal drop rate, 100% status infliction of random status aliments, and reduces 75% damage taken for 3 turns. 

6* Shadowless Raven Rue
Born in the mountainous regions of Grand Gaia, Rue was born to a tribe of crow-like humanoids known as Umbran Ravens, known for their skills in war and conquering. Rue trained hard as a mercenary for her tribe and became one of the top warriors in her league. However, during the God War in Grand Gaia, Rue's tribe fell into despair, all of the Umbran Ravens killed overnight, leaving Rue the sole survivor and the last of her species. Rue, filled with unimaginable hatred for the Gods, decides to join the humans in destroying the gods, to seek out her family's vengeance. However, the more Rue fought, the more she fell into further despair herself. 

7* Horrific Raven Rue
Rue from the now extict tribe of Umbran Ravens who seeked revenge on the gods for her family's massacre. Falling into further despair after killing many in her way, Rue started questioning if her motives will even change anything. Noticing that she started to lose interest in battling and even sparing wounded Gods on the battlefield, Rue realized she has become weak, not physically, but emotionally. When a larger amount of gods started to attack her base camp, she fought hard, saving her human friends to confront the gods alone. What happened to her remained a mystery, all that was left recorded was bloodied feathers and blades that may or may not have belonged to Rue. 

Arists's player ID: 1334030084
Preordered Fire Emblem Fates. Both of em' and i was wondering, are any of my watchers fire emblem fans? If you are, which version would you like to get and why? Hoshido's Birthright, or Nohr's Conquest
Sorry for such a late message. Been having a not-so-good day, but hey, i cannot ruin everyone's fun now can I? Happy new year everybody! 
  • Mood: Suffering
  • Listening to: Amatsu Kitsune - Rin Kagamine
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: Black Butler
  • Playing: Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Pepsi


by Smushey

This is the most original original can get! The perfection of this creative masterpiece is simply the best example of artwork in our 21...


Makenna Canto
United States
I like sonic the hedgehog, Pokemon, video games. Naruto, animals. warrior cats, and OCs, Nintendo, sega, random stuff, the word epic!, funny computer faces like this one *W*, random dancing characters, music, Reeses peanut butter cups!, YouTube, Mac or apple stuff like ipods and ipads, bakugan, song Caramelldansen, Invader ZIM, Random dancing cats, BrightHeart, Tails, Arceus, Zoroark, and finally My fun and silly friends who two of them are on DevianArt!

Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, alternate, all sorts!
MP3 player of choice: Ipods
Wallpaper of choice: anything I like
Skin of choice: Dude! Ya know that's rasist?
Favourite cartoon character: tails the fox, arceus, zoroark, sonic the hedgehog, ect.
Personal Quote: EPIC!

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