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alice of Pokemon sacrifice by Zorceus alice of Pokemon sacrifice by Zorceus
This is a OC thing I made for my Pokemon universe.
red back round: MEIKO= Anikra
Blue back round: KAITO= Rango
green back round: Hatsune Miku= Angie
yellow back round: Rin and Len= Naru and Nera

Anikra: Once there was a small dream.

Rango: No one really knew who had dreamt it. Such a tiny dream it was.

Angie: The little dream thought,

"I don't want to disappear like this. How can I make people dream me?"

Nera: For a while, the dream pondered on this issue until it finally reached a solution.

Naru: "I will make humans dream me, and they shall create my world."

Anikra: The first ALICE was a red warrior woman

Charging gallantly into Wonderland with sword in hand.

In order to escape the woods

She cut down all who stood in her way with a bloody wake.

This first ALICE, somewhere in the woods

Was finally trapped and locked away as a criminal.

Were it not for the paths she had made

No one would have ever known she was there in the first place.

Rango: The second ALICE was a frail blue man.

Singing out his own song

His notes created a mad blue world.

That second ALICE was that of a rose,

Just as he bloomed he was shot down by a cross eyed man.

He left a flower blooming sadly red,

With that as his sole remain

He is now long forgotten.

Angie: The third ALICE was a green girl.

Seducing many people, her Wonderland was quite twisted.

Using her body as a poison to the eye,

Countless lives she tricked.

The third ALICE, now crowned the queen

Found herself caught up in a distorted dream.

What she feared most of all was losing to death,

Ruling at the highest peak, she fights off eternal rest.

Naru and Nera: Sometime when all of this was happening,

Two lives had tea beneath the rosebush.

Their invitation from the palace was

the ACE of HEARTS.

The fourth ALICE were twin children.

Filled with pure curiosity, they explored Wonderland.

Passing through many bogus and strange worlds, they had arrived on a yellow boat.

A stubborn older sister

And intelligent younger brother

They came the closest to being the real ALICE, but...

Never can they wake out of the their dream.

Lost in Wonderland they'll explore forevermore.

EDIT: I changed Angie to Krystal, expect a remake.

Made with deviantART muro
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August 17, 2011
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